Studio Graphika 3D analyses your project with you to offer
adapted services to fulfill your needs and maximize the impact
of the visual device and propel your project or your product.

- 3D modeling : objects, architectural projects,
. and environment.
- 3D virtual walk-through interactive model work.
- Animation and virtual visit.
- Integration of items in an existing site.
- Working space organization in 2D.
- Simulation of industrial operating process.
- Multimedia presentation on CD-rom, business card
on CD and DVD.
- Conception of printed presentation document.
- Web site.

Be proactive and stay ahead by

- being distinguished with excellent presentation sales devices.
- motivating and making training easier for your employees
. with interactive visual communication tools.
- demonstrating your projects in an innovating and convincing
. way to partners, financial chief executive, town-planning
. comities and government.
- designing your working space (office and plant) in a
. functional and optimal way.
- simulating and optimizing your assembly line process.
- confirming style, colors and materials.
- assuring the final result by previsualizing before building.